Horizontal Machining Centers

The term "CNC horizontal machining center" could be used to describe, a variety of programmed drilling and milling machines equipped with some critical but sometimes optional equipment along with components and parts, such as swing heads, high-end spindles, cradle-like 4th axis, electric cutting tools, etc., but the arrangement of the vertical machining centers has not changed.

There are different types of machining centers. Horizontal machining centers are a successful high-end machine tool in the market because of the convenient and highly rigid worktables that can handle many types of machining tasks in a shorter time. Compared to the milling machine, it takes more time and always requires various manual adjustments to the modification of the work piece during the producing, which will take a lot of time and men power expense to waste the business owner in the production line.

Physical Laws of Horizontal Machining

Generally speaking, the milling process of a CNC horizontal machining center is the same as all other machining centers and milling machines. By advancing the tool on one or several work pieces on the same machine, using a spinning tool to remove the material. This processing mechanism can be performed in a work shop, and the process could be well done in different directions and stages.

In addition to turning, milling process of CNC horizontal machining centers could also smoothly operate. It also covers a wide variety of operations, from a single tiny part to a large and heavy milling task. Therefore, similar to turning, milling processing is one of the most commonly used machining methods that can provide accurate results with target product quality.

Regarding the development of the horizontal machining centers, theoretical studies by private companies shows that the milling capabilities of horizontal machining centers are processed complicated, which actually has a high value in the commercial field for the productivity and effectiveness of work pieces. It is difficult to achieve the goal with a traditional lathe. Through this estimation, the following development and concepts of the machine center could be gradually realized.

In addition to horizontal machine centers and vertical machine centers, there are other different types in the list of machining centers that could be widely applied in processing tasks. In most cases, they could roughly classify into horizontal and vertical types.

The design of CNC horizontal machining centers gives an advantage that the clamp of the work piece would help to make itself located on the clamp for swift and profile cutting route without much worry on route deviation. Besides, by the help of powered turret and live tools on the turret station, the cycle time is thus shortened in a significant level regarding the time expenses. Further, the work piece machining of machine centers are normally not of round shape but other complicated profiles since the former one can be dealt with by turning machine with power turret in a much more efficient designed procedure rather than using conventional milling machines.

The design of the horizontal machining centers gives an advantage, the clamp will help to located on the clamp, and you could for swift and profile cutting route without much worry on route deviation.

Besides, by the help of movable tools on the power turret and the turret table, the cycle time is greatly shortened and saving time. Further, the processing work piece in the machine center is usually not circular, but other complex shapes. The former could be processed by a turret lathe with more efficient design procedure, rather than using a traditional milling machine.

Composition of Horizontal Machining Center

In the past, horizontal machining centers are designed at least three axes, namely x, y, and z axis. Nowadays, due to the need for fewer procedures to make the industrial process is more complicated. There are machining centers designed on the fourth axis or even the fifth axis to complete all cutting tasks in the stopped state, then making the entire machining process shorter and faster.

Regarding the 5 axis horizontal large size machining centers, there are mainly three types of construction methods that constitute a 5 axis machine. With the swing head alone that can achieve most processing angles, this kind of machines is considered most convenient compared to the others such as the four + one and three + two machining centres, while the latter are with more practical and economical advantages. There are plenty of machine center manufacturers in Asia who dedicated to the research and development in the industry, and offer optimal solutions for industrial users all over the global industrial manufacturers.

Machine centers are the most basic capital goods for metal working manufacturers. The arrangement of the processing direction plays a critical role in determining the final output of the finished product, and the corresponding quality of the machine centers is the key point of the manufacturer. As long as the manufacturing model changes, the machine centers inventory will change from time to time. Therefore, after the invention of the machining center and the CNC programmed control system, the machining standards of CNC horizontal machining center became more and more demanding compared with the standards followed by people in the 20th century.

The Future Development

Right now, many machine tool suppliers are eager to add the coordinate measuring machines onto their machine models including horizontal and vertical machining centers to gain simultaneous precision inspections from the processing results.

It is important for procedures to be done and it is expected, the usage of vertical machining centers will only be more popular and prevalent in the market. Combining with instant inspection module, the final effect would be even more accurate once it is finished on the working table.

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