Die Tryout Presses

In the metal forming industry, a die tryout press is put in the step in the engineering and manufacturing process of a specific tool when the tool is first loaded into the press in an initial attempt to produce a part. That is to say, a die tryout press is not for massive production but rather, for tryout purposes. If compared with other press machines, like die tryout press and ordinary production press, the mechanical force of hydraulic deep drawing press machines would be much stronger because the primary task of this kind of machine is to make the deep drawing on the work pieces no matter of its material essences.

Moreover, since deep drawing press machines are responsible for real and massive production of products, the mechanical strength is not only confined to the forces, but also to many other specifications. For instance, many hydraulic deep drawing press machines are equipped with heavy-duty emulsions, phosphates, white lead, and wax films in order to reduce the great force of friction that is caused during operation.

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